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Akiya, an empty house, becomes more sensitive topic today. There are more than 8m akiya across Japan.

With the country’s population falling by 271,058 in 2014, and many of those who remain migrating to Tokyo, the Japanese are leaving their houses behind.

To resolve the unprecedented social problem, in 2015 Japan’s government passed a new law to tackle the glut of abandoned, decaying houses.

On the other hand, the akiya reminds a new opportunity — not just a business opportunity, but a chance to reimagine Japan’s postwar culture of disposable housing and suburban sprawl. The akiya are a symbol of decline, yes, but they may also be the path to a better future.

Mewix inc. annouced a new solution to help goverment to manage those akiya and will open a portal web service in the near future.

We are positive in the investment on the solution of social issues and promise to be participated in the funding of these types of projects.

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